Play Therapy

Play therapy recognises that children’s natural form of communication is play, and uses this medium to allow children to ‘play out’ these feelings.

Adolescent Therapy

Teenagers face a host of changes that can be difficult to navigate on their own.

Adult Therapy

At some point in their lives many people suffer from distress that can cause emotional and/or physical problems.

Our goal at Mayo Adult & Child Therapy Centre

to give you somewhere comfortable and easy where you can be supported in anyway possible in your day to day life

Couples Therapy

Many relationships can reach a stage where one or both partners are finding it difficult to see a way forward.

Group Therapy

Group therapy/counselling is a form of therapy/counselling where people meet regularly in small groups to discuss and explore their problems with each other and the facilitator.

Family Therapy

Family therapy and councelling helps family members improve communications and resolve conflicts

Sports Psychology

Helps the athlete understand how psychology can be applied to improve motivations and performance

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